Each type of learning solution has its own method of implementation. As I specialize in Instructional Design and am not a content expert in the organization's body of knowledge, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) generally conduct the instruction for face-to-face (F2F) instruction. I can help monitor and facilitate webinars and I can monitor progress as instruction is being implemented. 


What goes on in this phase depends on what type of learning solution we've designed. 

  • Instructor-led/F2F Instruction: If necessary, I will train your instructor to help delivery the best training possible. I'll also observe the first training in person. 
  • Asychronous eLearning: If we've developed stand-alone eLearning modules, I'll load it up to an LMS for you. We'll do beta tests to debug the system and start enrolling your learners.
  • Synchronous eLearning/webinars: I will prepare the presenter on the best webinar tools possible and best practices in online delivery. I can attend the webinar as a participant or co-facilitate to help things run smoothly. 
  • Other learning solutions: Whichever type of learning solution we develop, I'll work with you to make sure that your learners receive the instruction in the best way possible.