Evaluation phase is when I review the effectiveness of the learning solution. I use Kirkpatrick's 4-Level Model for Evaluation to get a series of snapshots on how the learning solution has affected employees and the organization. This phase is not the end of the ADDIE process, but rolls into a continuous development process for the learning solution. I believe that we can always make improvements to our work as we continue to learn about how employees learn and how the organization is affected by the change in performance.


  • I may ask to interview a few learners to see how they received the learning solutions. 
  • For instructor-led training or a webinar, I'll check the usability of the training materials with the presenter. 
  • I will provide an evaluation report that includes suggestions for improving the next iteration, an explanation of the data gathered via participant survey, and details of my observations during implementation. 
  • I will provide a briefing to you that includes some ideas to continue the learning process for your audience.