The design phase is when I talk with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to determine who precisely the audience is and what should they be doing that they are not currently doing. This is called the "gap." I'll work with you to identify competencies and objectives and plan out a learning solution. 

What To expect

It's very important that the client is highly involved in this part of the process, so we'll be in constant contact. Here's what happens in design phase:

  • We will work together to figure out what kind of constraints you have (time, budget, delivery methods).
  • We will hammer out objectives to determine exactly what it is you want people to be able to do after the learning solution is delivered. 
  • I will design a draft lesson plan (for instructor-led training) or a demo for eLearning. 

List of Learning Activities

Here's a list of learning activities that I've pulled together to help brainstorm during the design phase.