The front end analysis phase consists of a variety of strategies for digging into the real problem. This could mean interviewing department heads, sending out surveys or polls to gather data, or reviewing the organization's policies and procedures. After gathering a mix of qualitative and quantitative data through fact-finding, I can make a recommendation based on the information available to me. Sometimes a solution to the problem is not "training" at all. In the case that there truly is a gap in knowledge or skills, we can proceed to the next step: Design.


We'll talk about:

  • What are your business goals?
  • Who do you think needs help doing what?

What I'll do:

  • I'll listen to you describe your workplace and I will to ask A LOT of questions. 
  • I may want to ask your employees or target audience some questions. 
  • I will provide to you my recommendations either in a Front End Analysis report or an eLearning Agreement.