My Objectives Wear Cheetah-print Dresses and Red High Heels

An objective slide is so boring. Who cares about objectives? Certainly not your audience. Even worse – the obligatory objective slide is usually the second slide into the presentation. As soon as that objective slide hits the presentation screen you can usually see people’s eyes glaze over and their shoulders slump. They’re thinking, “Dangit. I thought this training was going to be fun. Whoops.” Usually, the slide looks something like this:

SNORE! I’m not saying forget Bloom, Gange, and all the other ISD best buddies you know you’re supposed to keep in mind when lesson planning. Do all that excellent prep work that you should be doing so that you can develop a coherent lesson using backward-planning and follow through. Create those objectives using SMART goal-setting techniques - make them measurable and observable. BUT, once you’ve got it all planned out, hide the boring ISD verbiage from your audience and use the objective slide to create buy-in for the content and get your learners salivating.

So how do you create objectives that are going to have your audience hoping they don’t have to go to the bathroom within the next 45 minutes so they don’t miss any of your amazing content? Think about what is going to sell people on this lesson. What do your people really want to know? What kind of language would engage your specific demographic? What results do they want to achieve? What are their aspirations?

In the second slide (above), my audience really wants to grow a specific type of program, they want lots of customers, and they want to make sure their program is successful. I could have written the objectives as such:

·        Define “program”

·        Describe the importance of a program

·        Identify five customer obtaining methods

·        Given a scenario, determine the best customer-obtaining method

·        Evaluate a given example program for best practices

No one is thinking, “Heck yes, I can’t wait to evaluate that given scenario.” It’s more likely that someone in the audience might be thinking, “I need customers NOW. I need to develop a successful program to make some money NOW.” Use the valuable real estate space of an objective slide to market your course while it’s happening.

Now go get your audience all riled up and #EngageLearners.