Recently I've been trying to figure out what kinds of resources should be available to employees and how to sort through all of the documents so that they are manageable. 

The struggle begins with sorting out a massive amount of prior training documents (PowerPoints, Instructor and Participant Guides) as well as documents that got swept up along they way (e.g., "important" memos, research, conference notes). With the plethora of files, where do we begin sorting out what is going to be useful and what isn't? 

So far, we've sorted out documents topically. I think that was a great start. Now, I'm starting to go through each document and trying to determine its usefulness to the employee. I don't know if this is a backwards process or not. I would like the resource site to be helpful. Here's how I think it should work: 

1. Employee is stumped about how to do something. 

2. Employee goes to training site and types in the search bar, "How do I ___?"

3. Related items show up on a results page. 

4. Employee easily locates a document titled, "How to ___"

5. Employee watches video/clicks through eLearning module/views job aid/signs up for training/ contacts a SME. 

Boom. Employee has solved their problem and gets straight back to work. 

If you have any advice on how you've managed a resource library in the past, please help! Your comments are greatly appreciated.