Learning Paths

What I'm working through right now is how to create a "Learning Path," or a set curriculum for groups of employees. I think there are several ways to lay this out. We can group courses, competencies, or preparation tasks by grade, department, or function. Each of those groupings has its own set of problems. There's always going to be anomalies (e.g., an employee who functions more as an HR person within the finance department - what courses should they take?) and figuring out how best to serve the whole while differentiating for the needs of the individual is proving to be tricky. 

I got a good start by looking at the organization's current development model. There were lists of outside courses that new employees had to take. I think the next step is going to be reviewing the objectives for each of those courses. I'd like to match up current performance gaps with those required course objectives and see what's not being targeted. I think a solution may be to create required training for new employees to hit what performance gaps that they will most likely experience. Perhaps they will be able to bypass the performance bump altogether.