What I learned from creating an Articulate Lesson

Two things about Articulate specifically that I learned: (1) it's WAY easier to use than Captivate, and (2) Articulate's customer service is amazing. I was struggling how to add my Articulate lesson to this website. I got a 30-day trial to Articulate online and got a URL to link to my website. I was really bummed to find out that Articulate online is $200/month - I can't afford that! I wrote Articulate's customer service asking for help. Immediately they responded to clarify my situation and then sent me step-by-step instructions on how to load everything up to Google Drive and link to my Squarespace. Wow. Way to go above and beyond, Articulate. Well done!

As far as the multimedia concepts I employed in creating the eLearning module, I feel like it was a culmination of the concepts I've learned throughout the semester and my instructional design career so far. I keep Gagne's 9 steps next to my desk and use them like a little checklist for lessons (even classroom based lessons) that I design. I feel like I was able to apply the multimedia concepts I learned about reducing cognitive load by timing narration and visuals together and keeping redundant text and narration to a minimum.