What I learned creating an infographic

My main takeaway from creating an infographic is how to narrow down what content to include. Infographics are supposed to be short blurbs of information, but the amount of content has to be somewhat substantial. They need to be concise, visually appealing, but give enough information to  stand alone. Abilock and Williams (2014) wrote a great article titled, “Recipe for an Infographic.” In the article they give a chart that show what information to included when creating an infographic. Basically, one needs create a working question that addresses a few of the following: the audience, the problem, the choices, the thinking, and the content. The audience is who cares about the problem. The problem/issue is what they care about. The “choices” are the options or trade-offs they will consider when making a decision. The “thinking” is what the instructional designer does to better organize the information gathered into an infographic. The “content” is what topic the infographic focuses on.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can create a question that your infographic will answer. That will give you focus and flow.

Abilock, D., Williams, C. Recipe for an Infographic. (2014). Knowledge Quest, 43 (2), 46-55.